Download the full-length debut album “Revolution” available now on iTunes and many other digital music stores.


With the help of gritty guitar tones, driving bass lines, and compelling melodies, La Res concocts an intriguing amalgam that aggressively and passionately cries out calls for redemption, self-empowerment, and an ultimate liberation in their first full-length album Revolution, due out in Spring 2011.

"La Res is a throwback to the rebellion rock of the mid 1970's: a radical band with something meaningful to say. And perhaps the best NYC hard rock live band right now." -- Knocks from the Underground

Revolution is just what the title suggests: an overthrowing and surmounting of one system of order and replacing it with one that is newly discovered through a series of struggles. The New York City trio, who has recorded their full-length album with music producer, Roger Greenawalt (The Pierces, Ben Kweller, Adam Green), explores two opposing realms of being: the period of time in which one feels enslaved in misery and in war, and the celestial beauty of freedom that emerges after the heavy shackles have been lifted and ultimately destroyed. The album illustrates a desolate life of strife and sorrow, and the long and seemingly arduous process of allowing oneself to release one’s vice grip on destiny and start over with brand new eyes. With the band’s metaphorical rising of the phoenix from the ashes comes a breath of new life that yearns to go outside and finally breathe. However, with each new breath of hope comes a reminiscence of a seemingly indelible past, which burdens the inhalations and exhalations of the metamorphosis. Nevertheless, the songs look to the horizon with promise, having faith in the hope of one day being free from the wretchedness of the past. La Res blends elements of 70s Rock, Blues, Alternative, and Grunge, in order to create a musical coalescence that is unparalleled and uncanny.

The band’s first full-length also serves as the partial soundtrack to the upcoming narrative feature film, Happy New Year, which was written and directed by Manning who received a MFA in film from Columbia University. Happy New Year tells the story of a war torn Marine who returns home after 4 tours of Iraq and Afghanistan to face his fiercest battle yet - the one against himself. The highly controversial film is an entertaining yet hard-hitting look at the perils of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). The film received its world premiere in the Best Narrative competition at the 2011 SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and has played dozens of other film festivals since, winning over critics and regular filmgoers across the U.S. Many have called Happy New Year one of the best war films ever made. Anticipated release date - 11.11.11..

La Res was formed in 2007 when its three members got together and decided to bring into fruition the music they couldn't find on the radio or in the store. Though radically different in personality and musical tastes, the chemistry between the three (K. Lorrel Manning on bass and lead vocals, Dave Riccardi on guitar, and Johnny Morris on drums) is undeniable. This band of mystics has created a massive amount of material in a short period of time and is looking for every opportunity to disseminate it throughout the masses. Manning's lyrics tend to focus on the deeply personal, political, and/or spiritual, while Riccardi finds every possible way to bring the perfect guitar tones, and Morris the ultimate groove. The product of this artistic alchemy is music that is raw, driving, unapologetic and most important of all, real. In only two years of playing popular NYC venues as the Mercury Lounge, Pianos, Webster Hall, and residency at the National Underground, the band has earned a reputation for their incredibly powerful and electrifying live shows.

After taking most of 2011 off while Manning toured the festival circuit with HAPPY NEW YEAR, the trio is back, bigger and better with new drummer JASON SHOULDERS whose presence has pushed the band into another dimension. The chemistry between Manning, Riccardi and Shoulders is simply electric. The product of this artistic alchemy is music that is raw, driving, unapologetic and most important of all, real. And they are ready to take 2012 by storm!